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We can provide your company with 
education, training, and off-site Clinical supervision 

Clinical Supervision for California-based companies only

Organizations who we provide Clinical Supervision and training include


LMFT, Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Supervisor, CEO 

LMFT #107074

I'm available to create a clinical supervision program at your organization

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Pronouns: they/them/theirs, or he/him/his

Stance on professional relationships

"There's something magical that happens when a client and a therapist are a good fit to work together.


Life is hard enough, so when you find a therapist who "gets you", you are more likely to look forward to your therapy sessions.

The therapeutic relationship is all about building mutual trust and respect. Having this strong foundation will help you to be able to push through the discomfort, absurdity, pain, isolation, and confusion so that you can move towards growth, inner peace, joy, connection, and all the good stuff that is part of this worldly experience.


You pay for the services and expertise, but the caring is free!

I adore and care about my clients. I love supporting them, and it's mutually beneficial because I feel inspired and humbled after each session. I feel called to do this work because it makes me a better person and helps me to make sense of this world.


While I'm not taking on any clients at this time, I'm in the next phase of my business journey, which is stepping into the role of People Leading and  e x p a n s i o n.


I'm looking for psychotherapists, admin, and content creators who, 'get each other', as I mentioned before, life is hard enough. 

I believe that the most valuable asset we have is our time:

At Chosen Family Therapy, we want you to look forward to spending time at work, and also, look forward to having a full life outside of work. 


We are about sustainable, mutually beneficial professional relationships that feel easy through hard times.

Together, we can offer more to our clients.

Together, we can sustain ourselves financially and emotionally throughout the shifts in the world and in our field.

If you think you would be a good fit for the Chosen Family Team, please don't hesitate to contact me

If you are curious to read more about my professional biography and journey, please keep scrolling down this page.

Biography and Journey 

Professional Biography

Gio is a Doctor of Philosophy Candidate in human sexuality with a clinical focus at the California Institute of Integral Studies. They are currently conducting a national research study on gender and sexuality for the completion of their dissertation. They hold a Master of Counseling and Art Therapy from Adler University, a Bachelor of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Completion of Foundation Studies in Fine Art From Pratt Institute in New York. 


Gio has 10 years of experience using arts-based methods to empower agender, trans, GQ, NB people. and over 7 years of experience of working as a psychotherapist. Gio is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California and specializes in issues related to gender, sex, and relationships.  Gio provides psychotherapy from a queer, intersectional feminist, strength-based, existential, and client-centered perspective that is informed by Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).


Gio particularly welcomes those who are BIPOC, fat, intersex, crip/disabled/person with disabilities, asexual, aromantic, trans, non-binary, agender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, kinky, polyamorous, hearing voices, experience multiplicity, agnostics, atheists, pagans, witches, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, neurodivergent, and sex workers.

Their journey led to developing a passion for helping

Gio was born in the United States and is of Italian, British, Scottish, and French descent. Gio is a prison abolitionist, anti-racist, and Pro-Black. They openly identify as queer, femme, neurodivergent, trans, and non-binary.

Throughout Gio's life, they have felt pressured to conform, and behave and think in a way that made others feel comfortable.

Gio decided it was not worth the effort, and continues to be unapologetically weird and do their own thing.

Gio explored the fields of art, performance, music, art therapy, film, is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program of Human sexuality researching gender and sexual orientations, and holds a current Marriage and Family Therapy license to practice psychotherapy in the beautiful State of California.

Like most professions, Gio noticed that within the field of psychotherapy there was a lot of pressure for therapists to "be normal" and definitely, look "normal". Performing normalcy was pretty exhausting for Gio, and so they decided to open their own private practice and work for themselves.

Gio was amazed that there were so many clients who were a perfect fit to work with them and form a strong therapeutic relationship. Gio found that the majority of clients who sought them out were relieved to find a therapist who they could just be themselves around without feeling judged.

"I adore and care about my clients. I love supporting them, and it's mutually beneficial because I feel inspired and humbled from each session. I feel called to do this work because it makes me a better person. Somehow the right clients have found me to help them... It feels like kismet."

After 4 years of working in private practice, and over 7 years working in the field, Gio has had to turn potential clients away and refer our clients who need specialists or a different type of therapy or coaching.


"I never want to have to turn potential clients away from that I know are a good fit, and I feel wary about referring my clients out to specialists whom I have never worked with. I finally realized that my clients would benefit from a whole team of people working for them who specialized in a variety of areas and issues...And that I could be the one to find that team.

If I can attract clients who are a good fit, then I can attract like-minded therapists and coaches who are a good fit to work with us.


I feel excited about giving folx jobs, the flexibility to take time off, and a feeling that they belong at a company where they can fully bring themselves, and their ideas to the table."

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