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Chosen Family Therapy was founded by Giovanni Trimble (JS Very) in 2018. Giovanni provided telehealth to residents of California prior to COVID-19 because the majority of clients who sought them out were either were unable to leave their homes due to their physical and mental health disabilities, or due to the fact that they experienced harassment and violence based on their race, gender, or sexuality.
Giovanni discovered that most of these clients had negative experiences of psychotherapy due to their psychotherapist's lack of education, training, or difficulty understanding how the client's mental health issues were impacted by their unique intersections of identity: Race, culture, gender, disability, class
Giovanni realized that what these clients were missing was culturally humble and gender affirming treatment. Because the demand for inclusive and highly specialized services was in high demand, Giovanni hired a team in January 2021 to expand Chosen Family Therapy to include clinicians and staff to meet the demand, and to ensure that clients are matched with a therapist who is the best fit. Additionally, Giovanni found that there was a dearth of culturally humble and gender affirming organizations that provided spiritual, religious, and coaching services, and connected clients to community.
After hiring a team in January 2021, Chosen Family Therapy reported a 567% profit increase for the month of February, and 147% profit increase for the month of March. Since hiring the Chosen Family Therapy Team, we have raised $35K in private funding, mapped out a scalable marketing strategy, obtained LGBTQ+ certification, and created multiple types of entities that can work collaboratively and are mission-aligned: A religious-based 501(C)(3), a Fiscally sponsored community project, and a coaching and wellness-based LLC.
We are seeking funding to launch our marketing campaign to recruit new clients and rebrand. 77% of LGBTQ+ and nonconforming folx in California are our target demographic, we just need to gain enough visibility to reach them.
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Our Therapists are just as diverse as our clients, and we are seeking funding to cover payroll expenses so that we can retain our current staff and continue onto our 2nd phase of hiring.
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As providers who are on the pulse of gender and culture, we are accustomed to adjusting to rapid change. Telehealth is rapidly changing, and we are seeking funding to build and integrate new technology into our services to provide our clients with a greater access to care
We adopt the perspective that time is the most important resource that we have. We are continually optimizing our communications, workflow, processes, and we will soon be optimizing our digital and physical products. We want our staff and our clients to have more time to spend enjoying life, and feel delight when using our wellness products outside of their therapy sessions
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The bigger the Chosen Family, the greater the support. Isolation is a real threat to the LGBTQ+ community and nonconforming sparkly folx. Chosen Family Therapy, Chosen Family Wellness LLC, Chosen Family Empowerment Project, and Chosen Family Sanctuary are poised to scale up beyond the State of California and reach other folx across the country who need our services sparkly.
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