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Our Story

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First Established

Chosen Family Therapy was founded on February 21, 2023, by Giovanni Trimble (JS Very), LMFT, Ph.D. 

Vision Statement:

Envisioning a society healed from identity-based oppression and trauma 

Mission Statement:

Chosen Family Therapy prioritizes serving clients who require access to culturally humble and gender affirming psychotherapy to heal from identity-based oppression and trauma. Chosen Family Therapy commits to positive social and environmental impact via sustainable economic development.

Our Approach:


Chosen Family Therapy adopts a culturally humble approach to addressing compounding experiences of discrimination based on our clients' overlapping marginalized identities by recognizing and validating the social contexts surrounding historical violence and systemic oppression based on-but not limited to mental health, race, class, disabilities, body type, immigration status, neurodivergence, gender, sexuality, and non-traditional relationships.


We promote self-love, self-compassion, and self-acceptance by supporting and motivating our clients based on our company values:





Cultural humility


Who we serve

The clients who seek us out are generally looking for a therapist that understands: The lived experience of being oppressed by one's mental health, race, class, disabilities, body type, immigration status, neurodivergence, gender, sexuality, and non-traditional relationships, and want to heal from trauma. 

Additionally, our clients are overall, nonconformists or have what some may consider unconventional ways of thinking and behaving, and live what some may call alternative lifestyles. We consider our clients to be creative, and we value nurturing their uniqueness rather than expecting them to conform to normative ways of being, thinking, and living. That’s why our providers were carefully selected based on their capacity for cultural humility, and for their creative approach to healing. We feel inspired and excited to focus on culturally humble psychotherapy for creative minds and bodies.

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